PLM Library Sounds: Most Intriguing

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First in a series of library-music-style releases by our unique independent artists.

'Most Intriguing' is a cheeky, fun TV theme with spy-style guitar, high society orchestra & funky drum n bass.

Track list:

  • Most Intriguing – Theme, Long, Descending Intro (0:27)
  • Most Intriguing – Theme, Long, Horn Intro (0:26)
  • Most Intriguing – Theme, Short (0:18)
  • Most Intriguing – Bed, Full (1:15)
  • Most Intriguing – Sting 1 Ascending, Full (0:07)
  • Most Intriguing – Sting 1 Ascending, No Drums Or Bass (0:06)
  • Most Intriguing – Sting 2 With Guitar, Soft Ending (0:07)
  • Most Intriguing – Sting 2 With Guitar, Hard Ending (0:06)
  • Most Intriguing – Sting 3 Descending (0:05)
  • Most Intriguing – Sting 4 Solo Guitar (0:07)
  • Most Intriguing – Theme, Long, Horn Intro, Underscore (0:26)
  • Most Intriguing – Bed, Stem, Drums & Bass Only (1:09)
  • Most Intriguing – Bed, Stem, Strings Brass & Mallets Only (1:15)
  • Most Intriguing – Theme, Long, Stem, Guitar Only (0:28)
  • Most Intriguing – Theme, Short, Stem, Guitar Only (0:23)

Name your price to receive any or all of the 15 variations. We provide you with tagged 320kbps MP3s, tagged 16-bit AIFs, or original 24-bit WAVs (no tags except ISRC) so you can choose which format suits you best.


Feel completely free to use them in personal/student videos.

Anything uploaded to YouTube will show up on their ContentID system and we will enable ads on your video to try to recoup some money for our writers (please note that while we do reserve the right to refuse uses for any reason, this rarely happens and is only to give our writers protection in case hate groups etc try to use them).

To obtain a full license for your TV production, branded film or web content, or simply to remove ads from your personal/student video, complete the details at and we will be back in touch quickly to authorise the use.*

Alternatively, if you are working on a production that will be covered by blanket agreements in the UK or elsewhere, that's fine! We fall under those agreements. Simply make the usual arrangements and then forward cue sheets to us.

About PLM Library Sounds:

PLM Library Sounds is designed to be as useful as a library, while retaining a little more control for the creators. 

Unlike standard production music libraries, our writers can:

  • take back their music from us after a period of time if they wish (this has no effect on any license already in place);
  • and we will work with them on excluding uses in some circumstances, typically in political or sexually exploitative films.

For producers, our aim is to be as easy to work with as Audio Network, with this key difference: our writers are all unique independent artists in their own right, so your license fees (and any royalties) will directly help them to continue making their art.

Thank you:

We greatly appreciate your interest in this music. Thank you on behalf of the PLM family!

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PLM Library Sounds: Most Intriguing

0 ratings
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