Tris Taylor: Run The Numbers

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Run The Numbers is a suite of explorations in unusual time signatures by the BBC Radio 3 'Late Junction' featured composer Tris Taylor.

It began life as a series of works for the moving image, and has featured heavily on Channel 4 News ad breaks throughout 2014 and 2015.

Owing a clear debt to the composer's early childhood soundtrack of Steve Reich and Philip Glass, the pieces switch from segment to segment using elegant, occasionally dizzying moves.

Perhaps the clearest nod to Reich is on the title track, while 11/8 jazz groove 'Bass Irregular' brings to mind Christian McBride or Lalo Schifrin.

'Golden Numbers' is the album standout for sheer brightness and complexity – its palette, the broadest of the set, ranges from dulcimer, qanun and Indian bells to pizzicato strings and a playful guzheng – but Taylor's personal favourite is 'Connected Relaxation', a deft, constantly evolving curiosity whose ease belies its 5/8 time signature.

Track list:

  • Zero Point Zero (4:29)
  • Bass Irregular (2:47)
  • It's Child's Play (4:34)
  • Golden Numbers (4:02)
  • Twelve Interludes (1:12)
  • Clock That (4:43)
  • Watch Us Grow (4:12)
  • Connected Relaxation (4:48)
  • Run The Numbers (3:17)


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The pieces were composed in Hastings and Brixton between 2011 and 2015 and mastered by Bob Macciochi at Subvert Central Mastering. Special thanks goes to Paul, Tam, Paul and Iain for commissioning much of the album.

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Tris Taylor: Run The Numbers

0 ratings
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