Alexandra Benedict & Tris Taylor: Sleeping Lions – Original Soundtrack (+ Remixes)

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'Sleeping Lions' is the third in a series of soundtrack releases by Alexandra Benedict & Tris Taylor.

'Sleeping Lions' is a tragic short film about three minutes on Bexhill seafront, shot in one take on Super-8.

Director Oliver Crowther sent composers Alexandra Benedict and Tris Taylor a series of reference points from Tarkovsky and classic French cinema, briefing them to create a soundtrack including both foley and music.

The film premiered at London's Curzon Renoir as part of the Straight 8 Festival.

We then commissioned remixes from Neotropic (Ninja Tune/R&S) – who created a stunning choral remake – and Benbo (Cooking Vinyl/BBE), who added a house music element to make it the soundtrack to a melancholy Balearic pool party.

Finally, we commissioned Oliver Crowther to paint our cover image, and sent the package to Bob Macciochi at Subvert Central for mastering.

Track listing:

  • Sleeping Lions (With Original Sound Effects) (3:26)
  • Sleeping Lions (Neotropic Remix) (4:03)
  • Sleeping Lions (Benbo Remix) (6:13)

Choose the Premium option and get these additional files:

  • Sleeping Lions (Neotropic Remix Acapella) (3:58)
  • Sleeping Lions (3:04)
  • Sleeping Lions (Neotropic Remix Instrumental) (4:03)
  • Sleeping Lions (Original Sound Effects Only) (3:26)


  • High quality MP3s (320 kbps) suitable for all players.
  • High quality JPG of the cover art.

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Alexandra Benedict & Tris Taylor: Sleeping Lions – Original Soundtrack (+ Remixes)

0 ratings
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